Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2008 November (Friday 21st)

Contraband ( travelled to Bendigo once more for our monthly Pugg Mahones gig on Nov 8th. As usual its a fun trip to a fantastic venue. At two and a half hours (193 kms from my home) its a fair run to get there by 8pm and then drive home again at 2:00am in the morning but hey, you’ve gotta do whatever it takes.

Once again we were looked after with free food and drink and treated to a crowd that was ready to party. It was also a great opportunity to try out a couple of new songs including :  ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head’, ‘I Kissed A Girl’. ‘Big Girls are Beautiful’, ‘All Summer Long’.

At this stage Im not sure if we are back there in December (as we have some other functions on) or if we will be back first thing in Jan. Interestingly it looks like the band may now get signed with AES as well as Uptempo  - Great News !

On a personal note - a long time friend of mine has asked me to play in his covers band so I will be chatting to him about some fill-ins.

Finally - on the gear front...I have added a Mackie DFX-12 mixer and 2 x icolor-4 lighting systems to my gear list....might be time to take some more photos!!! for my gear page...I think I am almost done now for lighting / PA/ recording what’s left...mmm..more basses !!! - still waiting on my latest Treker ( custom creation from the U.S. Hopefully it is here before Christmas.

This crowd rocked !!!

Not Jessie’s Girl again !

No wonder there is no room on stage

Getting there is half the fun

…on the way to the Calder Hwy

100 kms out of Melbourne on the open road

Big crowd

Set-up time

Long Time friend - Trace Elliot amp

…and new Treker bass