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BLOG Entry - 2008 October (Saturday 11th)

I had the honor last night of stepping in and playing in the Shane Diiorio band with good friends Shane and Taleb. For those of you who haven’t heard of Shane Diiorio he is a local guy who is one of the few people left still turning out original blues/rock. (Check him out on myspace and do yourself a favor and buy his album).

Last night we played at the Nighthawk Blues bar in Mentone (a first for me) and what a great venue it is. This was a very special gig as it was one of the last ones to be played at the Nighthawk under its current ownership but boy did we manage to get the place jumping. Special mention must go to Brian Strafford who also joined the band on Sax and guitar...without doubt one of the finest musicians in Australia.

I can honestly say there is little more I enjoy than :

a/ playing a cool venue

b/ playing with friends

c/ having the band cook!

d/ having the audience get up and dance

...and last night was all of these things.

...till next time....when I write about my Aquarium gig

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