Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2009 August (Monday 10th)

Its been a little while since Ive written in this blog....thats for a couple of good reasons :

1. Ive been on holidays for a couple of weeks in Tasmania, 

2. For the time I have been in Melbourne,  Ive been flat out with teaching bass and performing with Contraband.

Pretty much every weekend in August is now packed with Contraband gigs ranging from : San Remo, Mornington, Taralgon, Bendigo....That’s not say July was quiet...In fact whilst there weren’t as many gigs (maybe 3), the band has been working with our new singer Rob to be prepared to take over the reigns from the inimitable Corey Bakes come we have had a few intense rehearsals (and a couple of shakedown gigs) to make sure we have a smooth transition.

On the gear new basses...but I did pick up a Markbass 104HR 4x10 cabinet ($1600). These things are less than half the weight of my trusty Trace Elliot 4x10 my back wants to marry MarkBass. In fact Im so impressed I will pick up the matching head which weighs about 2 kilos (again compared to my Trace - about 17 kgs) its just wild. Soundwise Markbass is punchy - has it got the low end of the Trace stuff ? - Probably not - but for sheer functionality / portability it cant be beat. Also got my eye on the Zoom R16 multitrack....lovely

Thats it for now....Hi to any of my students who might be reading this and good work over the last couple of months...