Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2009 March (Monday 9th)

Well Im not even half way through March and so much has happened. For a start Im on holidays (from my day job at least....and that extends out till late March)....

Secondly Ive had a number of new students join me which is fantastic. We are covering everything from Suzie Q, Pink Floyd and out to Red Cherry. Im also experimenting with creating DVD’s for individual students as a reminder of how various songs go.

On the gear front, Ive just got a new Treker Extreme bass (all the way from UTAH). This is a fantastic instrument, very easy to play with a crisp bright sound. I used it for the first time at Portsea Hotel a day ago. This will be come one of my favorites!.....I really can recommend these basses enough if you like a tight , bright bass sound.

Gig-wise there are two things happening....firstly has a residency every second Saturday of the month at the Portsea Hotel. This is a mad gig (see photos above) and I just love playing there. At the same time we are looking to expand into some new this space.

The second bit of news is that I am putting together another covers band. At this stage Ive secured the services of a local guitarist and we are sorting out vocalists and drummers. (Watch my next blog for a progress update)

So thats it for now...March has been about :

        • holidays (from my day job)...

        • some awesome gigs (Portsea)

        • new gear (Treker Extreme bass)

        • new students and lesson materials...