Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2017 May

This is a busy month. Last weekend the Not My Tempo band player Elmers pub in Burien. This is a great venue for a whole bunch of reasons:

1. Load in and load out is very easy

2. PA provided (including sound guy)

3. Always a good crowd

4. Nice stage and lighting set-up

5. Friendly staff

This was a full 4 SET show from 9pm - 1 am so it’s a big night and you know you’ve been working by the end of it. (Glad I don’t have to sing !!)

UPDATE (May 29) - Not My Tempo played at Rock The Dock (May 20) for their Grand Re-opening. It was a really fun gig and we used our new Soundcraft UI16 WIRELESS MIXER  (Tablet controlled) for the second time. Everything went without a hitch. As a follow up our last rehearsal (May 27) was spent setting everything up and really dialing in the settings of the new mixer. Im excited to see how it goes next weekend at NW Brewing company.

UPDATE 2 (May 29) - I just updated the LESSON section of the webpage with a couple of videos that I prepared for a student. I am exploring the use of video to document the material that we cover in lessons. So far Im finding that if I spend 15 minutes after a lesson recording a short video of what we covered and then upload it to DROPBOX we can move faster through material at lessons.

THOUGHTS As time is going on Im finding myself using different basses more and more. While my favorite playing bass is my Kubicki, I have been enjoying using my Fender Jazz (which has a great tone) and my Treker Louis Johnson bass (great rock sound). It can be a little daunting moving from short scale to medium scale to long scale basses, but I think the playability factor is less of an issue when the songs I am playing are fairly straight forward and I am familiar with them…….

Peace Jon