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BLOG Entry - 2018 February


This month  is full of music and birthdays !!!

Today as I write this I just finished playing with my Lori-Ann at Marine View Presbyterian church. A pretty good way to start the day.

Then next weekend we have a Not My  Tempo gig at Rock The Dock to celebrate 6 (SIX) birthdays; so we are expecting the place to be packed. Plus we have 20 mins of special guest rapping and one of my students is playing a tune with the band in her debut gig.

Instrument-wise I have been working on my new (1996) Ltd Edition Status bass, which had a bit of a hum coming out of it when you touched the pickups. After checking all the ground wires and solder connections I finally ended up ordering a new circuit board from the U.K and installed it my self… more noise. (In the interests of full disclosure - I also bought a new soldering iron for $50 which is so much better than my old $9 one - made this job easy)

Finally check out my latest video - Jaco-esque inspired riffs  to speed your fingers….Plus a new ‘Classics’ section of video lessons I recorded some years ago!

Peace Jon

Status Bass 2018 February Blog Image #1
Status Bass 2018 February Blog Circuit Board Image #2

The old circuit in place

Status Bass 2018 February Blog Circuit Board Image #3

The new circuit before installation