2020 December Christmas Image #2

Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2020 December

For whatever reason - I always seem to find time on Christmas Day to update my blog. Hoping that doesn’t sound weird but every Christmas (especially 2020) is unusual in its own way

Christmas this year consisted of all the usual present opening in the morning and a nice home cooked dinner the night before. Now in the afternoon one of my students contacted me to tell me she got a wonderful new Musicman Bass !   So I was thinking what riff is iconic with the Musicman ?  and of course Louis Johnson and Strawberry Letter 23 came to mind, so I quickly whipped up this little video showcasing the riff. Now of course the sound of my Kubicki is nothing like a Musicman but its fun to play anyway.

Take care - Lets hope 2021 is a more prosperous year than 2020 especially for playing music and the arts in general.

Happy Holiday - Peace Jon

2020 December Christmas Image