Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2020 July

In the middle of the CORONAVIRUS pandemic what can I do?….Practice sight-reading !!!!! Yikes its been a while and not necessarily my strong point so now there is no excuse.

With some extra time on my hands - we have been watching Hamilton (the musical) and in particular the tune My Shot jumps out so I thought I’d try and find a transcription somewhere and work on it as a sight-reading exercise. Now in the interest of full disclosure the version in the Videos section of my web-page is not exactly the first take but at the same time I don’t know the song well enough to memorize it so I am actually sight-reading. The advantage I have is that I’ve figured out where most of the notes are and in situations where there are notes below the lowest note on my 4 string bass I have already sorted out alternative positions (IE. Im not getting surprised by low Eb or low D).

On the equipment front I completed my pedal board with:

1/ a customer power supply

2/ a MXR Bass Chorus

3/ a MXR Bass Envelope Filter

….and…picked up a SMPRO EP84 a channel pre-amp for recording at home. I used to have one of these about 10 years ago and it blew up when I too it to the USA. Lets hope I get it right this time.

Take care

Peace Jon

2020 July Blog Bass Effects Board
2020 July Blog Pre Amp