Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2022 January

This has been an exciting month - now that I am settled back in Australia and all of my instruments and equipment have finally arrived from the US.  I’ve got a couple of bass amp heads in for conversion 120v -> 240v. Fortunately I had one that I brought with me that runs on both 120v and 240v which  has been good to have whilst the others are being converted.

Since I arrived back in Oz, Lori-Ann and I have performed  with a friends originals band in Parkville which was really great as the music was quite challenging and the actual live show went extremely well. Additionally we have also just started rehearsing  (Jan) with a new 80’s style cover band. We are excited to see how that goes. The music is quite tricky and of course there are all the challenges of starting a new project.

Lastly I have started teaching again in person here in Oz which is really great. As part of that process Im re-writing a lot of my old teaching materials and making a minor change to include sight-reading earlier on in the process so that it is just a natural (and not too difficult) skill to acquire. And of course I am continuing to work with one of my friends/students in the US via zoom . This has been really great as it allows me to explore remote teaching and of course the opportunity to catch up and stay in touch with happenings in Washington State and my friend.

2022 promises to be another year of changes just like 2021 was.  I am hoping we can do some more live performance in Australia as well as spend some more time with friends and family in the US. Hold on for another ride…..

Peace Jon