Jon Randall

Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player / Bass Teacher

Born in Australia, I grew up playing percussion in school jazz bands. In college I focused more on drum kit and played in blues bands at local bars and pubs.

Inspired by some of the fantastic Funk grooves of the 70’s I transitioned away from drum kit onto the Bass Guitar.

About Me

Jon Randall A favourite photo taken at 'Destination Harley' in Tacoma when filling in for a friend in his band North Of Fifty

As I developed as a player I realized quickly that if I wanted to be able to play those cool funky bass grooves along with new music I was discovering, by folks like Stu Hamm and Marcus Miller I had better get myself some lessons. Fortunately I had the opportunity to study for several years with Craig Newman who is one of Australia’s finest (and in demand Bass players).

In my 30’s I became heavily involved in performing in all manner of bands ranging from Funk, Reggae, Originals and Covers. It was during this time that I realized that I love almost all forms of music and Cover bands were they way for me to go - as I could play a huge variety of tunes in any single performance.

By 2010, I had moved to Tacoma Washington State  (USA) where I  lived, played and taught until 2021 when my wife (who is also a musician) and I returned to Australia and live today.