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Musician / Bass Player

This section is for students to access bits and pieces that we covered in lessons. Videos are grouped into Starting Out / Journeyman / Expert there is also a section at the bottom called ‘Classic’ that are some older videos I recorded in 2009

Starting Out

5/06/2018 How to play Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. This is a more complex bass line than most of the Starting out lines…If you can play this then maybe consider some of the Journeyman lessons.


6/16/2017 Basics techniques / notes 1 - 2

6/16/2017 Basics Playalongs (Breakdown - Sweet Home Alabama, Margaritaville)


11/7/2017 Technicques to build smoothness and speed in your playing


9/15/2017 Breakdown, Sweet Home Alabama, Werewolves Of London, All Summer Long - Simplified Bass


9/15/2017 Beginner Lesson - Stand By Me


05/05/2018 Bass Lesson “Tapping” Crystal Well

01/20/2018 White Room (Walkthrough - see play along video below)

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01/20/2018 White Room (Playalong - see walkthrough video above)

11/28/2017 Brick House (Walkthrough - see play along video below)

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11/28/2017 Brick House (Playalong - see walkthrough video above)

11/7/2017 Slow Hands (Play Along - see instruction video below)

11/7/2017 Slow Hands (Explanation / How To Play)

10/4/2017 Quick Lesson - Simple (but useful) Fills (Box Pattern)

7/4/2017 I Wont Back Down

7/4/2017 Eb Major Scale


02/18/2018 Building finger speed using a Jaco-esque riff

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11/18/2017 Advanced Major Scales - Including Theoretical scales

9/24/2017 Harmonizing the Major scale

9/15/2017 All Along The Watchtower - to demonstrate Bass techniques


7/4/2017 You May Be Right

Dark Necessities (RHCP)  - Playalong and explanation at the end:


Dark Necessities (RHCP)  - Techniques:

6/28/2017 Blues Basics 6/28/2017

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Basic Slap ideas - Playalong with Play That Funky Music - complete with phone beep in the middle - LOL



3/21/2009 “Hitchin a Ride” - recorded several years ago back in Australia, complete with on-screen notation


3/21/2009 “Cosmic Dancer’ complete with on screen notation - included Starts with original play through, then simplified version with notation then finishing with an improvised bass line


3/19/2009 “Lets Groove Tonight’ complete with on screen notation

3/20/2009 “Fade to Black’ complete with on screen notation